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The Mission


I want to create a base for free online lessons for JJIF fighting. There are lots of online resources for BJJ, MMA and Grappling. But i barely discoverd Lessons for Jiu-Jitsu Fighting System (JJIF) It is a very technical and tough Sport. It is like track and field decathlon a varety of fighting distances also technical compareable to MMA.







The Vision

Providing a data base for Jiu-Jitsu Fighting content, it might be possible for this discipline to earn more attention. Our competition system is close to traditional fighting styles. You need a wide range of technical knowledge and physical fitness. I discovered that many newbes are scared about what to learn for competition, so I try to give some advise. Maybe I can create a small network on Jiu-Jitsu Fighters to widen the range of available lessons and to spread our sport worldwide.







Become modern...

The fast development of other martial arts comes due to the modern way of presentation. I think it is the secret of uniting both, the traditional roots and the modern use and presentation of contents. What is the matter, if you have a good and interessting system but no-one knows? So take you time to discover this pages and maybe i can contribute to your personal technical development.






"Please leave comments, critics or anything else in the guest book, the more feedback i have the better i can work on the contents. I would appreciate this very highly."


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