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Jiu-Jitsu Fighting, like any sport, involve a potential risk for serious injury. The techniques used in our video clips are being demonstrated by highly trained professionals and are being shown solely for entertainment purposes. The video clips are not a substitute for professional instruction and supervision, and no one should attempt any of these techniques without proper personal instruction from qualified instructors. Anyone who attempts any of these techniques, under supervision or not, assumes all risks. can not and will not be held liable to anyone for use of any of these techniques.

By using this site, you are not only accepting responsibility for the proper or improper use of these techniques- but also for the injury or damage to both person and property that you may incur or inflict during the training of these techniques. You are agreeing that no lawsuit nor legal action can or will be taken from any use of this site or the content and information shown within it, and that if you ignore this agreement that all legal action must be brought in the jurisdictional courts of Erlangen, Germany.


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