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You can book me for any reason. Terms are negotiable.


My speciality is all about Jiu-Jitsu Fighting including Atemi Waza, Tachi Waza and Ne Waza. I can give technical lessons as well as lessons about tactics and fight behaviour. I can do introductional lessons and high performance lessons. Cassical Jiu-Jitsu lessons, Groundfighting and Judo are also available. If you are interested just contact me using the form.

Private lessons

One on one lessons can be customized to all your needs. It's a good way to learn focused and with direct feedback on every detail. If you are interessted you can contact me for further information.

Private technical development

You need technical advise ? You got stuck on your level ? I can provide a technical and tactical analysis, to give you a new impact on your fighting performance.

Private Training Planing

You want to focus on a big event ? I can give you advise how to get the balance in your weekly training sessions. How to set strrength and condition training lessons and how to use your mat-time best. Also how to change the periods, so you will be prepared on time for the big day.




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